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Colorado Springs Utilities Irrigation Rebate

According to the GSWA, irrigation dedicated to residential landscaping accounts for approximately 33% of homeowners’ water use. Within that statistic, roughly 50% of outdoor water use is devoted to lawns. While the irrigation levels vary per geographic region and climate, it’s no surprise that grass is consistently the dominant culprit of thirsty plant life.

Furthermore, several national outlets have reported rising water costs across the United States. As such, homeowners should tread with caution concerning their preferred lawn irrigation method. There’s no shame in good old-fashioned hand-watering with a hose and single lawn sprinkler; however, this approach does not guarantee 100% coverage and results in higher water waste due to runoff as well as overwatering. The preferred practice to help reduce water-use across the board is an underground sprinkler system operated by an automatic sprinkler timer.

Even with a professional sprinkler system installation, it’s impossible to eliminate water waste entirely. Nonetheless, with each year, sprinkler manufactures engineer new products that provide innovative solutions that align with the WaterSense philosophy.

Per the Colorado Springs Utilities, irrigation systems equipped with particular water-wise parts can help reduce landscaping water by as much as 20% without sacrificing the health and aesthetics of the plants.

Sprinkler systems require a substantial monetary investment, especially incorporating green practices, but thankfully the municipal government of Colorado Springs has implemented a rebate program with the utility company to ease the financial burden and encourage more residents to embrace smart sprinkler systems.

Homeowners can qualify for the following irrigation equipment rebates:

  • Sprinkler heads with check valves: helps prevent water drainage in sprinkler zones.

  • Rotating matched precipitation spray nozzles.

  • WaterSense certified smart irrigation controllers.

  • Wired or wireless rain sensor shut-off device.

Rebate amounts vary depending on the product, but homeowners can easily save as much as $100 or more.

To qualify for the rebates, follow these easy steps:

  • Complete the application form online.

  • In addition to name and address, homeowners need to provide a description of the irrigation work and proof of purchase, such as an itemized receipt or letterhead from the sprinkler company that oversaw the installation.

  • Provide a copy of a valid form of identification.

  • Agree to the terms and submit.

Alternatively, customers may print the application form and mail in a hard copy to:

Colorado Springs Utilities

Energy Rebates

P.O. Box 1103, Mail Code 1339

Colorado Springs, CO 80947

Colorado Springs homeowners still on the fence regarding the irrigation rebate program should contact a local sprinkler company like Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping to discuss the pros and cons.

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