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How Much Does a Sprinkler Repair Cost

Depending on how a sprinkler system is installed, including the type of parts, the system should last homeowners for decades if it’s properly maintained. However, as with any home installation, wear and tear over the years can extract a hefty toll. Although a sprinkler system is primarily underground, the natural elements do affect its performance. The wind can blow dirt and sand into the sprinkler nozzles. Freezing temperatures can cause the sprinkler pipes to burst or the valves to crack if the sprinkler system is not drained appropriately. Circumstances vary, but it’s plausible that at some point throughout their property ownership, homeowners will require the services of a sprinkler repair technician.

Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping, a leading sprinkler repair service provider in Colorado Springs, CO recommends homeowners form a business relationship with a local sprinkler company that has a distinguished reputation in the community. Irrigation Professionals possess a great wealth of knowledge regarding residential sprinkler systems and can ensure the system continues to operate at maximum efficiency.

For homeowners in need of an ad-hoc sprinkler repair who don’t have a go-to pro at their fingertips and instead have to cold call a sprinkler or landscaping company, here’s what to expect.

Sprinkler Repair Labor

Service repairs, of any nature, are not necessarily cheap. Companies that specialize in niche trades such as sprinkler repairs typically have a lifetime of experience and charge for their expertise and time accordingly.

Sprinkler repairs are typically charged per hour plus the cost of parts. Labor costs will vary, but $75 and upwards is the industry standard for reputable sprinkler companies. Since the type of work qualifies as a specialty service, homeowners typically will have to pay for at least one hour of work.

The time required to perform a sprinkler repair fluctuates, but the average is typically between 1-2 hours for basic repairs. Keep in mind, the problem with the sprinkler system may be underground, such as a burst pipe, and require additional time to pinpoint. Experienced technicians generally rely on a calculated process of elimination to speed things along.

Major repairs, especially those as result of winter freeze damage, such as replacing a backflow preventer and soldering the copper pipes, are more expensive as it requires more labor and more expensive parts.

Sprinkler Parts

Homeowners should provide as much information as possible regarding the sprinkler system via email, text, or phone to the sprinkler repair technician beforehand. It’s possible that the technician can diagnose the problem before he/she arrives at the property, which can help save costs on labor as well as parts. Sprinkler repair companies stock several brands and products, but a sprinkler repair may require a specific part only available at a sprinkler wholesaler. If this is the case, expect an additional fee for ordering/picking-up the part.

The following list of parts is based on the most common sprinkler repairs and arranged from least to most expensive:

  • Pipe

  • Sprinkler Head & Nozzles

  • Sprinkler Valves

  • Timer

  • Backflow Preventor

Additional Fees

It’s common for a one-time service fee to be included in the final bill, which covers overhead costs such as insurance, travel time, and fuel. While it’s possible to hire technicians who don’t carry insurance to avoid the additional fees, it’s not advisable. Business organizations that maintain ethical business practices will always have insurance coverage to protect their employees as well as homeowners.

Repairs of any kind are not an ideal scenario for a homeowner, but if left unattended, the problem can worsen and end up costing substantially more. If an issue with the sprinkler system is suspect, homeowners should call a sprinkler repair professional to get the problem resolved quickly.

Contact Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping to schedule a sprinkler repair today.

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