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Advantages of a Smart Sprinkler System

Smart home renovations and upgrades are on the rise in the United States, and for good reason.

According to Statista, 69% of Americans use a smartphone, and the number is expected to see exponential growth in the following decade. As a result, manufacturers of home appliances and installations are equipping products with the latest tech to sync harmoniously to homeowners’ personal gadgets.

While certain smart home devices are merely cashing in on the latest trend, installing a smart sprinkler system or upgrading your current unit offers several benefits for homeowners as well as the environment.

The advantages of a smart sprinkler system not only incorporate technology to maximize water conservation tactics but product advancements as well. Below is an overview of the particular components that are essential to optimizing your sprinklers for the digital age.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

At the core of every smart sprinkler system is a smart sprinkler controller (aka timer). Installing a device that easily connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi allows complete mastery of your irrigation. Naturally, the controller will work in conjunction with an application that you download on your phone. App features vary per brand and price range, but at a minimum, homeowners can program the watering days and times and of course, temporarily deactivate the system for whatever reason.

Another innovative feature included with specific smart sprinkler controllers is real-time weather awareness. If so desired, the app can sync to a current weather forecast for your zip code and automatically adjust the watering duration based on the daily precipitation levels in your neighborhood.

Rain Sensor

Weather applications are a step in the right direction; however, they cannot pinpoint the precise rainfall for your property. Instead, they rely upon data estimates reported for an approximate area, such as your zip code.

To avoid accidentally turning off your irrigation system due to inaccurate weather forecasts, considering installing a rain sensor. This small, yet useful product, measures the amount of rain in your yard, hence providing more accurate data to your smart sprinkler system.

A rain sensor is reasonably easy to install, but it does require a specific type of sprinkler controller. Thankfully, it’s now commonplace for even base models to come equipped with the necessary input.

Water Conserving Nozzles

The final element needed to smarten up your sprinkler system and maximize water conservation is a specific type of sprinkler nozzle: MPR. Matched Precipitation Rate Spray Nozzles are designed with precision in mind. The nozzles create an even distribution of spray and arc, thus utilizing less water than their traditional counterparts without sacrificing coverage.

Water Savings

Maintaining landscaping, especially sizeable lawns, require a minimum amount of water to remain healthy and beautiful year-round. Although nothing can substitute for a sprinkler system designed by an irrigation professional specifically for your property, incorporating the products and tactics described above are guaranteed to help conserve water and save money on your water bill. The upgrades may require some initial overhead, but a smart sprinkler system is worthwhile in the end for both your checkbook and the environment.

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