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Benefits of Hiring a Family-Owned Colorado Sprinkler Service

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The dawn of the internet sparked the beginning of the Digital Age and as a result, information overload. While consumers significantly benefit from the ability to research the online reputation of companies, it can be challenging at times to sort through all the rubble. Depending on your needs and the scope of your home improvement project, you'll need to take into account several factors, including the size of the company, the year it was established, and of course, online reviews. However, one variable helps set reputable organizations apart - the legacy of a multigenerational family business.

Peloquin Sprinklers and Landscaping was established in 1985 in Colorado Springs, but it's family-owned tradition dates back to the 1950s when Paul Peloquin started an irrigation company in Albuquerque. Since he was a young kid, Phil Peloquin, the current owner of Peloquin Sprinklers, has worked hard to live up to the high expectations set by his father. Throughout the years, his knowledge of sprinkler systems and especially sprinkler repairs has increased substantially. As a local business owner, he continues to strive for exceptional customer service and satisfaction through quality work backed by integrity.

While several Colorado Springs residents already aim to shop local to help small businesses thrive in today's economy, knowing the advantages of hiring a family-owned Colorado sprinkler service can help consumers feel content with their project.

Trust and Authenticity

Trust among employees is essential to any business, but it's an even more integral aspect of a family-owned business. Family members who operate a business together understand that their reputations are unequivocally tied to the success fo the company. As such, the family must retain a sense of trust and transparency with one another. This mentality not only benefits the business operation but carries through to the consumer as well. If you're a consumer who values a professional who deals fairly and honestly, consider hiring a Colorado sprinkler service owned and operated by a multigenerational family.

Work Ethic

It's common for parents who run a small business to raise their kids with strong work ethics and values. Generally, the kids grow up helping the family business, and their responsibilities increase over the years. For three generations, the family unit of Peloquin Sprinkles & Landscaping has been the foundation of professionalism, quality service, and respect.


Every generation that takes an interest in the family business benefits from the company's performance and reputation. Apart from monetary gain, family employees take great pride in their craft and rely upon principles instilled over generations to ensure the business is healthy twenty years from now. Instead of focusing on a short-term gain that can hurt customers, a family-owned and run company utilizes its resources with the future in mind. This helps past, present, and prospective customers since they can rely on the company to be around long after they complete their project.


As younger generations grow and rise in leadership, rest assured that the knowledge and reliable business practices from the older and wiser are successfully passed down. Family-owned companies, especially those that specialize in the irrigation trade, benefit from several lifetimes of experience. At the same time, the youth get to bring their ingenuity and technological advancements to the table. Such is the case of Peloquin Sprinklers, who pride themselves as innovative sprinkler repair experts in Colorado Springs, CO.

When consumers research businesses to meet their sprinkler needs, remember, a family-owned company with generations of experience has several outstanding benefits that can 100% ensure your satisfaction.

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