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Sprinkler Repairs, Common Issues, Reviewed by Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping

Updated: May 7, 2019

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For many of us our home is our sanctuary: a place to relax and unwind after a long day of hard work. As a homeowner, you’ve probably invested both time and money into your residence to create a harmonious environment. Perhaps you’ve carefully sculpted your yard into an exquisite landscape, complimented by exotic flowers, trees and even a bubbling fountain to wash away your troubles. Naturally, you want to keep your landscaping healthy and green via regular maintenance, especially with an eco-friendly sprinkler system. As with any mechanical system, wear and tear over the years can cause your sprinkler system to become vulnerable to common irrigation problems. If you find yourself plagued with a water predicament, fret not, we’re here to talk you through the most common sprinkler repairs: broken sprinkler head, leak in the line and freeze damage.

Sprinkler Head Repair


Whether it occurs mowing the lawn or clipping the edge as you back your car out of the driveway, damaging a sprinkler head is far more common and easier to do than you may think. While you may not notice the sprinkler damage at the time of the incident, it will be fairly easy to identify the broken sprinkler head the next time you run your sprinkler system. Look for gaps in the sprinkler coverage where heads aren’t putting out as much water as they should be. Once you’ve identified the culprit sprinkler, inspect it closely to determine the type of damage. If you’re lucky, the sprinkler head may only require a new nozzle. Check out Home Guides for their step by step guide to replace a broken sprinkler nozzle. Now if the sprinkler appears damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to dig it up and install a new head entirely. We recommend investing in either of the following brands: Rainbird or Hunter. Both are reliable and hold up to wear and tear. For more details on how to change sprinkler heads, check out Do It Yourself's article on the subject.

Sprinkler System Leak


As with a leaky faucet, a leak in your sprinkler system can cause all sorts of frustration. While an underground sprinkler system is generally protected from the forces of nature, tears do happen. If a sprinkler system suffers from a leak, ultimately the entire system could suffer. A leak in the line can affect the pressure and therefore cause heads to not pop up all the way. First, you need to identify where the leak is which could take a considerable amount of time. Quite frankly, experience is your best bet here. We recommend calling a sprinkler repair expert to save both time and money. However, if you’re determined to see the leak through to the watery end, feel free to check out WikiHow’s article on how to repair a broken sprinkler line.

Sprinkler System Freeze Damage


Colorado Springs weather can be unpredictable year round, but if there’s one element we can count on once November hits, it’s the cold. Colorado is blessed with all four seasons, but if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your sprinkler system from the Winter weather you may find yourself investing in a new sprinkler system installation once Spring rolls around. Freeze damage occurs when you don’t drain your system on time and properly. If the temperature drops to freezing or below and there’s still water in your sprinkler system, beware! You could cause damage to your backflow preventer, sprinkler pipes and/or valves. To winterize your sprinkler system and protect yourself from freeze damage, follow your sprinkler system’s specific instructions to drain the system of all water. If you’re unfamiliar with these crucial steps, you may need to contact your sprinkler timer’s manufacturer or a sprinkler professional to guide

you through.

Sprinkler Repair Colorado Springs

At Peloquin Sprinklers & Landscaping we recognize that residential landscaping and sprinkler systems are investments worth protecting. If you need help with any of the above sprinkler repairs or any other irrigation issues, please give us a call at 719-330-1451. We pride ourselves in being Colorado Springs’ most reliable sprinkler repair service.

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